About Matthew 25

Volunteer Opportunities

Matthew 25 Niagara thrives on the dedication and hard work of faithful community volunteers. Should you be interested in donating hours to the ministry, please come in to the storefront at 42 Division St. to submit an application. Willing hands are always appreciated in

  • sorting donations
  • maintaining cleanliness
  • organizing furnishings


Matthew 25 Niagara originated over 13 years ago, in obedience, when Erika Church was approached by an immigrant family who had literally nothing to set up their home. In a short time household items were provided; subsequently, the word quickly spread from one family to another. The work of Matthew 25 was born. Donations came in and were housed originally in a garage, then a storage facility (without heat), then a storefront on Welland St., and ultimately to the current storefront at 42 Division St. in Welland (supported by Faith Tabernacle). Matthew 25 Niagara, then as now, serves anyone needing assistance with household goods.

The logo “Connecting …” was adopted 13 years ago. It aptly connects not only the giver and the receiver, but also Christ with His people.

Goods were originally delivered via Erika Church’s vehicle. Seats were pushed down to accommodate a sofa or dressers, with boxes of dishes tucked in the sides. Mattresses were strapped atop the car. Lucille Turmel (one of the first volunteers) remembers the many trips that were made to furnish a household.

A truck was donated to answered prayer. We remember fondly the photographs that pictured furnishings heaped high on the truck and strapped securely. We looked like the Beverley Hillbillies going down the road.

When that truck ultimately failed and the word circulated that Matthew 25 needed another vehicle, funds were quickly raised from multiple sources, and the ministry was on the road again.

Last year a brand-new trailer was provided by two brothers in Christ. We bless these men! They grasped the vision and became part of it! Their generosity allowed us to maximize the efficiency of the work. Now only one trip, instead of multiple trips to the same address, was required. The white trailer with our name and logo MATTHEW 25 “Connecting …” is ubiquitous on streets throughout the Niagara peninsula.

Recently, the founder Erika Church, was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for her work. This honour she readily shares with all the volunteers. “They are motivated by generous hearts and great love,” she is quick to point out.

Many dedicated volunteers contribute to the work of Matthew 25. In addition, selfless tattooed saints assist in the lifting and transporting of goods. God provided and provides. We bless these volunteers!

We thank God for His great mercy and faithfulness! Amen!